10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats Are So Important

It is easy for us to become busy and experience haziness in the direction of our life in busy cities. You have been working so much, and doing your day-to-day activities that you have forgotten what is important to you. This often makes you feel stressed out, and you need a break from your day-to-day life for a week or two in an attempt to rest, rejuvenate, and recoup.  These getaways range from family holidays to adventure trips to secluded exotic retreats.

However, retreats are purposeful getaways that are aimed at rescuing you from an undesired or unpleasant situation and moving you to an exotic location to heal in that particular respect. Retreats offer everything including spiritual healing, fitness through meditation or yoga, family, and much more.

Outlined below are 10 reasons for you to opt for a retreat.

1. It Is All About ME Time

It's ME time when on a retreat
It’s ME time when on a retreat. Photo credit: Expat Woman

Surely, holidays mean fun, discoveries and adventures, but if you are in need to care for your well-being, a retreat is the only place you can get the “ME” time you deserve. The idea of a retreat is to create a safe space where you can nurture your body and soul. Most importantly, the atmosphere is relaxed, everything is taken care of and you really have to do nothing but enjoy the activities, surroundings, food and company (or alone time if you need that).

2. Allow Yourself To Be FREE

Retreats are designed to offer a comprehensive escape embedding fun with relaxation. Because the activities, classes, therapies and meals are made for you, you can enjoy being present without needing to plan anything! At most, when you have free time from classes, you can decide if you wish to visit the surroundings, cities nearby or nature, all at your own pace, without any schedule or watch to adhere to.

Free yourself through yoga retreats
Photo credit: Chopra

3. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

This is a perfect time for you to explore yourself so you can grow; there is no sense in setting up expectations and pressure for sudden change to happen. In order to change, you have to be open to any possibility. Be aware that the changes don’t occur in one day, or five days, one week or two weeks. Truly, it’s like you have planted the seeds of change simply through your willingness to take a leap of faith into unknown territory. Take what you learn and bring it home by incorporating any new practice that you felt benefited you the most. This is how change can continue to manifest.

Meditation retreat in a luxury resort in Siem Reap
Meditation retreat in a luxury resort in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Book Yoga Retreats

4. Allow A Break For The Digestive System

Wellness retreats generally offer comprehensive meals in the package that can boost your body’s ability to work at its best and even kick-start a little detoxification plan. You can certainly have specific dietary requirements like a juicing retreat. Retreats often include food that is healing and can support good digestion and even the restoration of a healthy gut!

Healthy fruits for your body on a retreat
Healthy fruits for your body on a retreat

5. Retreats Provide Peace Away from Your Daily Routine

Daily routine in the standard sense can be quite boring and tiring! We see getting up, going to work and then coming back home as routine too, but it doesn’t make us feel very well.  On retreats, the routines are created for health—like yoga classes in the morning and meditation classes in the evening. That can provide you the complete solitude you need as with individual, your spouse or partner as with marriage retreats, or in the form of groups. Most importantly, retreats are usually situated in secluded and serene locations that present the perfect platform for you to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and let your nerves relax.

6. Meet Like-Mined People

You meet other people in the same position with similar concerns or interests and, hence, you have the opportunity to spend memorable moments with like-minded people who are looking to achieve the same goals as you. These people act as your support system as you work toward your goal and also act as a mirror to help you identify issues that you couldn’t have by yourself. Most importantly, they let you realize that you are not alone.

A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap
A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Sabara Angkor Resort

On retreats, you will spend a lot of time with people who, like you, are there to find a way to relax, to discover their inner voice. Therefore, you can make friends that you can remain in touch with even after you return home.

7. Nature Lets You Unwind

One of the biggest advantages of going on a retreat is that it offers you proximity to nature and its healing touch. Being close to nature can help you to reduce daily stresses. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings, and plants allow you to unwind and be thoroughly rejuvenated so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return.

Healthy and natural life on a retreat
Healthy and natural life on a retreat. Photo credit: Pepper Natural Health

8. Personal Growth

Being on the retreat, eating healthy foods and connecting with people around allow a lot of fears, frustration and discomfort to leave, and create space for growth. The retreats will you give some tears, moments of distress when dealing with personal issues and emotions, but the result will be all worth it! This is probably the biggest difference between a vacation and a retreat and why retreats are so powerful! You go there knowing that you want to feel better, mindful and, consciously or not, are ready to deal with personal demons and open up the door that will take you to the next level.

9. Retreats Can Accommodate All Budgets

Just like holidays, retreats can be both expensive as well as budget. It all depends how you want to do with your retreats. You can select a standard, daily yoga and accommodation retreat up to luxury experiences. Of course, luxury experiences will cost you much more but sometimes it’s pretty much worth it for great experiences. However, it is nice to know what to expect and you can tailor your experience so that even if your budget is not big, you can still allow your retreat to give you an amazing time.

Training yoga in luxury resort in Siem Reap
Training yoga in luxury resort in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Soul Seed Media

10. Retreats Are As Your Holidays

The beauty of retreats is that they can turn out to be the vacation you need, to begin with. Although some people think all retreats are about exercising with yoga, keeping quiet and meditating for days, there are much more choices which allow the opportunity to create the experience you want with. Staying quiet, enjoying the moments, the surroundings and people, and  as well as the freedom to visit a new place, country and exploring the culture, all come with the knowledge that everything has been taken care of and you can just relax! This is so-called a vacation!

Whether you are a seasoned “retreater” or a newbie, I can ensure that you will not only love the experience but become addicted to it! Retreats transform the way you see holidays. You choose the opportunity to stay in a beautiful place being looked after that allow you to heal within and out, to feel better about yourself and give you time to make better decisions in life. A moment to STOP and RESTART;  that is truly life changing!

What do you really have to lose? Through a retreat, you have the chance to devote yourself to yourself and your growth, believing that your goals will be met. A retreat gives you the opportunity to trust your intuition, your guru, your guide, and your fellow travelers. Trust in the process of the journey.

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