11 Actionable Tips To Detox Your Body and Mind (That You Can See Results Right Away)

If you search for better tips for longer, stronger and healthier life these days, you will frequently hear a lot about the word ‘detoxification’. Detoxification has recently become a real buzzword in health category.

So what exactly is detoxification?

Detoxification is about cleansing your body from inside out by removing and eliminating toxins from the blood in the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. It helps protect you from diseases and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.

How your body and mind is affected by toxins.

Toxins are substances that exist in contaminated water or food, highly processed food, alcohol, tobacco, medications, drugs, chemicals in personal care products, and polluted environment or air.

Also, excessive stress creates toxins and slow down detoxification in the liver.

When your body absorbs these toxins and never gets released via cleansing and detoxing, your organs like the brain, the heart, and the muscles start to suffer. Then you start to feel sick and experience not only chronic fatigue and weakness, but also slow processing and cognitive difficulties.

How to detox your body and mind

As you know that you can’t escape from toxins in your every day life, yet you can be proactive and protective. Here are some suggestions that can facilitate your body’s natural detoxification system and help prevent you from illnesses, and you’ll start to feel much more energetic and healthier in your every day life.

1. Take a Break from Technology

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Schedule your day to get away from computers, televisions, cellphone and other electronics devices. Staying from your daily obsession of technology gives you a calm and joyous moment so that you can relax your body and mind. You may go for a walk in the park or on a vacation. It helps reduce your stresses and recharge your body.

2. Exercise More Often

Choose your favorite workout exercises like running, walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, playing football, dancing, practicing martial arts, and yoga. You can manage to exercise for 4 times a week (best recommended) or every day if you possible can. Through these activities, you can get rid of sweat and it will support your detox pathways and brain.

3. Drink More Water

Drink at least 4 liters a day. Proper fluid balance keeps blood and lymph traveling through the kidneys and leads to better elimination of toxins through urination. Better bring reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Obviously, immersing yourself into nature improves mental clarity, reduces stresses and anxiety, and allows you to inhale natural fresh air which gives beneficial physiological effects such as lowered heart rate and respiratory rate and decreased blood pressure. These can help the body during detoxification.

So go for walk or bike in the park, a hike, or sit in your backyard for 20 minutes each day or it’s even better to take bonfire camping in the forest.

5. Have Enough Sleep

The brain is able to repair cellular damages from toxins via restorative sleep. Make sure you’re allowing your brain to slow down and repair itself every night by having enough sleep. Average 8 hours sleep each night is recommended.

In addition, you get up in the morning with fresh mood and full energy to get your body function; then you start your day.

6. Consume Natural Products

You can reduce the chance of exposure to pesticides and farm chemicals found fruits and vegetables by eating organic ones. Most importantly, use eco-friendly beauty products (natural facial oils and others), personal care products, and service providers.

7. Eat Mixed Fruits and Vegetables

Eat plenty of fiber and different vitamins and nutrients, including organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables like beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, ginger, turmeric, garlic, beets, broccoli seed sprouts, herbs, green tea, and seaweed. These are excellent detoxifying foods.

Another important category include nuts, seeds, legumes, avocados and bananas.

8. Dry Brushing

Simply, perform dry brushing your skin gently at home with a natural bristle brush for just two minutes a day to remove toxins through your pores. Try to brush from your feet to the chest in circulation motion—always toward the heart—to get the lymphatics moving.

9. Massage

Massage helps you not only relax or heal pain in your body, but also aids your body in the removal of toxic waste. Massage can address health conditions including chronic fatigue, headaches and other system dysfunctions that result from the presence of toxins in your body.

Once your therapist uses a combination of massage movements including irregular and altering applications of pressure that gently compress and stretch your muscle tissues, it can help remove blockage in your blood circulatory system, where toxins can be more easily transported through the body for elimination.

Massage also helps your lymphatic system to clear toxins and other unwanted substances from your body.

Lastly, after a detox massage it’s important to drink 1-2 glasses of hot water or tea to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.

10. Sauna

Sauna is an incredible way of causing heat from within so that it aids in detoxifying faster through perspiration. Also, it’s amazingly relaxing.

To allow your body to eliminate waste via sweat glands, you can find time each week for a relaxing sauna.

11. Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga consists of physical postures that can help detoxify the body and release tension. Practicing from basic to advanced yoga poses (asana) including seated and standing poses, twists, tree poses, downward posing dog pose, triangle pose, chair pose, boat pose, and cobra pose can eliminate the toxins from internal organs and the body.

Also, breathing exercise or Pranayama breathing technique is involved in yoga exercises. Breathing deeply opens your respiratory system to allows oxygen to circulate more completely through your system which helps reduce stress and anxiety and facilitate the detoxification.

Additionally, mindfulness meditation is an effective method of detoxing your body and mind. Meditation provides both physical and mental benefits including sleep improvements, stress and anxiety releases, and body pain relief. Incorporating meditation in your daily life can lead you to a healthier life.


Generally, it’s easy to get affected by toxins in your every day life. If you ignore it, it can cause a serious problem to your life. Toxins weaken your body and brain, and it makes you sick from diseases. Overtime, it can lead to cancer.

Detoxification is important for your healthier and longer life. If you detox the body and mind, you will feel stronger, more energetic, and more efficient. This means you live a life with a healthier plan. It begins with simple actions including having enough sleep, taking a break from technology, starting your dietary plan, massage, yoga, and mindfulness meditation. These can enhance your natural body’s detoxification system.

Above all, be nice to yourself and take action each day to detox your body and mind for a healthier and longer life.

Do you think there is a missing tip in above list? Please comment below, we’ll add it to the list.

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