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15 Key Benefits of Going On A Yoga Retreat

Yoga has been so popular these days. Some people practice yoga in their daily routine as a workout for fitness and mental health. They perhaps learn techniques from YouTube and practice it at home or perhaps they go to a yoga class in their towns.

If you’re a newbie to yoga, you can get inspired by researching and visiting training in your place. It’s so important to ask the yoga trainer all the details you want to clarify before you start your first session.

Either way, sometimes you want to do it in a different way to get an immersive experience. Experiencing yoga in different places with different people gives you a new perspective and a lot of benefits. This is kind of an experience of a yoga retreat.

To make you feel much more inspired, here are 15 key advantages of going on a yoga retreat.

1. Withdraw From Daily Routine

Medidation Retreat - Cambodia Retreats

Everyday life, we spend most of the time working so hard to fulfill all responsibilities like paying bills, meeting deadlines, taking care of families and kids which causes much stress and leads our lives in a vague direction. This is a sound reason that many people search for a remedy to withdraw from all these routines.

Going on a yoga retreat can be a perfect way to allow us to relax and take time to concentrate on the present moment and our self, rather than focusing more on others.

As yoga provides physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines, we begin to discover space within our body and mind. Through this space, we can feel peace, calmness, lightness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Once we return from the retreat to our daily life, we bring mindfulness which helps us change how we react to situations in positive ways and different perspectives.  

2. Disconnect From Technology

A woman relaxing at a luxury resort. Photo credit: Angkor Palace Resort & Spa
A woman relaxing at a luxury resort. Photo credit: Angkor Palace Resort & Spa

Yoga retreats are designed purposely to let you stay away from distractions. So many retreat centers are located in the mountains or by the ocean, in remote places with nature.

From work desktop to smartphone, we all are connected with all these devices all day long which makes our eyes and brain spin. This leads us to a high level of stress and poor body condition.

At a yoga retreat, you learn to drop all of those electronic devices and connect more deeply with oneself and other like-minded people. Most interestingly, you can increase human interaction rather than technology interaction.

3. Detox And Cleanse Your Body And Mind

When you attend a yoga retreat, the detoxification program is introduced. Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body.

Here are 3 ways of detoxing your body and mind at the yoga retreat. Yoga, meditation, and digestion. However, although when you are not attending the retreat, you can follow these 11 easier tips to detox and cleanse your body and mind.

Yoga postures that move the body into positions that relieve internal organs and digestive system can assist with detoxification.

Yoga postures allow us to move our bodies into positions where we can feel relieved in our internal organs and digestive system. All these movements can assist with detoxification.

Additionally, some yoga twists are very powerful in enhancing the body’s natural detoxification system to transfer fresh oxygen and blood towards the internal organs.

Moreover, yoga helps circulate the toxins from lower and upper parts of the body to flow in our entire body for elimination following shoulder stand, headstand, handstand, and legs up against the wall. 

A group doing yoga retreat in Siem Reap
A group doing yoga retreat in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Book Yoga Retreats

In addition to physical workout via yoga, we practice mindfulness meditation focusing on breathing which helps calm your mind and balance the flow of the natural body’s energy. We manage our minds to let go of all our negative thoughts, stresses, anxieties, emotions, and anything that does not matter to us.

The last way of detoxing the body and mind is digestion. Healthy food is always prepared and served. Usually, they are vegetables, organic cuisine, fresh juices, fresh fruits, healing food, and high fiber foods; often all are naturally grown.

However, as far as alcohol is concerned, you can get away from it upon a yoga retreat.

Healthy food during Yoga Retreat

Generally, our body and mind are interconnected. We can heal our minds from stresses, worries, and emotions in combination with removing toxins from our bodies.

4. Advance Yoga And Meditation Practice

Sivananda Yoga Teacher.
Yoga students practicing with Sivananda Yoga Teacher. Photo credit: Pinterest

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced yogi. Everyone is always welcomed. But, it’s very important to check with ayoga teacher to find out if the style and level of yoga during the retreat will suit you.

Normally, you follow provided techniques or postures by your yoga teacher. It’s a good opportunity to learn properly specific or advanced postures with great teacher’s assistance. This helps you understand much deeply how and why certain postures are.

Besides body exercise, through yoga at the retreat center, you will also have a mindfulness meditation practice.

You may learn meditation techniques either via guided meditation or silent sitting meditation by observing your breath and calming your mind to let go of negative thoughts and concentrate on self-awareness and relaxing your muscle. Then, you will feel an inner calm and a sense of peace. 

Moreover, some advanced meditation techniques may help balance and expand the flow of life force energy through all levels of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

5. Improve Health

Combining all from withdrawal from busy life, disconnecting from technology, healthy food, cleansing body and mind, and meditation, a yoga retreat has the benefit of being a vacation that improves your health. It’s worth going away from a retreat having exercised your body and relaxed your mind, and feeling healthier in both.

6. Meet Like-Minded People

A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Sabara Angkor Resort
A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Sabara Angkor Resort

There are many reasons why people go on retreats. Making new friends and relationships are one of all exciting reasons.

People who attend a yoga retreat usually have similar concerns or interests. Therefore, you have the opportunity to spend memorable moments with them and exchange experiences in order to achieve the same goals.

These people play an important role in supporting you toward your goal and also assist you to identify issues that you couldn’t have by yourself. Then, you don’t feel you are alone.

As you spend a lot of time with them, you discover their inner attitudes. Therefore, you gain higher level of understanding in them, and you can make friends that you can remain in touch with even after you return home.

7. Connect With A New World, Nature

Healthy lifestyle connecting with nature.
Healthy lifestyle connecting with nature. Photo credit: Pepper Natural Health.

Nature is part of life. We can’t live without it.

Trees, plants, flowers, birds, streams, oceans, rocks, caves and mountains create a new world for life. Thus, most yoga retreats are held at these beautiful places.

Staying in nature is so healing and rejuvenating for us on many different levels. Imagine breathing with fresh air, listening to flowing water, birds sounds and other wild calm sounds give you a soothing relaxation for body and mind.

With all of these combined nature at a yoga retreat, you will have a fresh start to your life upon return.

8. Discover Oneself

Yoga and meditation retreat
Yoga and meditation retreat. Photo credit: Expat Woman

Yoga retreats enable you discover your own self. You step back from everyday stressful life and focus on what most important in your life and leading to a positive path.

Understanding deeply within yourself allows you to realize the true nature of you. You let all emotions, desires,  and vulnerabilities rising to the surface and then you become aware of them and therefore you learn to listen and accept them around your life. You don’t fight against them. 

Having time and space for yourself (from daily routine) is so important that you can discover your life journey on a path that resonates with you, while also fulfilling your dreams, meanings and purposes.

9. Travel With Purpose

Unlike regular yoga practice at home or yoga studio in town,  a yoga retreat allows you to travel to a place – sometimes with a meaningful purpose. Beyond personal growth during a yoga retreat, community involvement is included in the program in which you learn to give back, which is a magnificent added value. This can lead you to get a sense of compassion, and care for those who are in need of help.

10. Learn About Secret Philosophy Of Yoga

Yoga is way much more than just body pose techniques, it is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines. Joining a yoga retreat allows you to learn more about the secret concepts behind it and you can connect more deeply with yourself through the practice.

11. Create New Habits

We keep doing things with our current habits without realizing that those are bad habits. Going on a yoga retreat for several days or a week, you have a chance to figure it out and start to replace them with healthy and positive habits. These new conscious behaviors can help you to reach your best self.

12. See Beautiful Destinations

Researching to find out more details about the destination you’re going to head off to a yoga retreat excite you so much that you get much more inspired. Visiting a new destination, you feel thrilled to explore its culture, heritage, history, locals, and sights. It’s much more than just yoga!

If you can find sufficient time to plan in excursions you can really immerse yourself in the full experience of the country you’re going to. Learning more about the destination that you’re going to will also get you more excited about your retreat and will get you in the right frame of mind to maximize the experience.

If Cambodia is your destination, it’s quite interesting to check on the country’s available yoga and meditation retreat centers. Moreover, the most famed and the largest religious Angkor Wat temple is your spot to find spirituality.

13. Have A Unique Experience

Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. You may meet up with your old friends who came on retreat before or completely meet new teacher and practitioners. Such experience gives you a different perspective and helps you continue to grow within yourself.

14. You Deserve It

You’ve been on a yoga retreat or perhaps you’ll go for one to tackle your daily stressful routine. You may raise up some reasons not to do it due to not having money, time or any circumstances. But you truly know the facts that you work so hard nonstop in everyday life; and surely, you deserve a break for a sense of living life. To live a life of happiness you have to decide to make it happen for what you really want. .

You deserve to care about yourself!

15. Return Home Refreshed

Finally, Come back home! You may feel completely different from the day you left for yoga retreat and the last day you will leave the retreat center. After the retreat, you’re becoming so relaxed and refreshed when you’re back home.

All in all, you bring a lot of great memories and experiences from the retreat and put them as disciplines in your daily life. However, as they come your life changing factors you’ll want do it more!

As yoga retreats provides a lot of health and mental benefits which you can use to tackle your everyday life, you should give it a try or you should keep doing it. You will not lose anything, yet in return you’ll get life experience which benefits the most.

When are you planning to go on a yoga retreat?

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