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5 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that takes mind-body approach to promote self-awareness and well-being. The practice can be traced to ancient India, where its name was derived from Sanskrit word meaning “to join” or “to unite”. From Hatha to Bikram, there are several types of yoga. This allows it to cater to suit different needs and fitness levels.

1. Boost Brain Function

Yoga has been shown to immediately improve the speed and accuracy of one’s working memory.

A study found that a 20-minute yoga session outperformed those who had instead done vigorous aerobic exercise: 1.2x faster and 1.1x more accurate.

One explanation is that practicing yoga enabled them to more easily dismiss distracting thoughts and strengthened their self-awareness.

Moreover, yoga can help to keep diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay.

2. Improve Flexibility

Striking yoga poses on a regular basis can, unsurprisingly improve flexibility.

Those who practiced yoga at least twice a week for two months found that they became significantly more flexible in their lower back, hamstrings, and shoulders.

By the end of the yoga program, they were able to stretch nearly 2 inches more in the sit and reach exercise.

Such flexibility can improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

3. Lowers Stress and Anxiety Levels

Known for its focus on breathing and calm movements, many consider yoga a form of stress relief.

In a 2017 study, subject who went on a 3-MONTH YOGA AND MEDITATION RETREAT reported feelings:

  • 3.09% less depressed
  • 3.76% less anxious
  • 39.6% more mindful

Yoga can help develop both psychological and physical resilience to chronic stress.

4. Relieve Chronic Back Pain

80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point and yoga is fast becoming a popular treatment for this.

Yoga gives short-term and long-term benefits in decreasing patient’s pain intensity and increasing their functional ability.

Additionally, participants attended yoga sessions twice a week for six months and later reported:

  • 56% less back pain than before
  • 68% still practice yoga

5. Promote Healthy Weight

The effect of yoga on weight two-fold:

  • It helps to prevent unnecessary weight gain
  • 90% of subjects who began practicing yoga described being more mindful of their eating.
  • 75% also believed this to be a result of their yoga practices.

Above all benefits are extracted from an infographic below:

Yoga health benefits
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Yoga has many different types yet providing similar health benefits from physically to mentally. Even though you’ve been doing some kinds of workout, you can add yoga practice to your workout routine. Yoga and meditation retreat is somewhat an exciting experience you consider trying. It allows you to gain body and soul benefits.

Have you practiced yoga before? Or are you going give it a try?

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  1. I like your tip about how yoga can keep dementia at bay. That makes sense considering you are keeping your brain and body active. I’ll have to make sure that I get proper exercise so that I can stay flexible.

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