7 Reasons That Yoga Retreat Is Your Next Vacation

Are you feeling that you’ve been working too many hours nonstop? Have you been feeling stressed out lately? It’s a sign that you deserve a break. It’s a vacation that is to wake up and go exploring learn something new for life, simply to sit around and do nothing.

Yoga retreats can melt away your daily stress and strengthen your mental state in a calm condition which helps you withdraw from your hustle and bustle life. It will be one of the most pleasurable vacations you’ve ever taken.

Here are 7 reasons you should book your next vacation a yoga retreat. 

1. You don’t need to be an expert yogi.

A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Sabara Angkor Resort
A group of yoga retreaters at Cambodian ancient temple in Siem Reap. Photo credit: Sabara Angkor Resort

At yoga retreat center, everyone is welcomed from the absolute beginner to the daily devotee. There, you don’t necessarily need to show off or pretend to keeping up.

Everyone is free with peace of mind to go at their own speed whether you’re going slowly with more challenging poses or pushing the limits on familiar ones.

2. you can take your practice outdoors.

Imagine you’re stretching and moving your body in open place surrounding by nature dripping in sweat, it’s pretty much enjoyable isn’t it? It’s essential that you can find a yoga retreat that goes beyond your priorities.

A yoga retreat is often built at remote location which lets you take your practice in breezing air, amid beautiful scenery.

3. You’ll leave feeling better than you came.

Even the most relaxing beach setting can often come with a long layover, and few food options beyond a cheeseburger and fries. When your destination is a yoga retreat, remarkably all stress can easily fade away.

You may feel completely different from the day you left for yoga retreat and the last day you will leave the retreat center. After the retreat, you’re becoming so relaxed and refreshed when you back home. 

All in all, you bring a lot of great memories and experiences from the retreat and put them as disciplines in your daily life. However, as they come your life changing factors you’ll want do it more! 

4. The days are structured.

With a good yoga retreat, every activity is optional. Most oftentimes they’ve created a brilliant program so you don’t have to worry about planning for the day.

You don’t have to make your life complicated like worrying about finding the best local restaurant or something off the beaten track, try just sitting back and letting the schedule unfold before you.

When the purpose of the trip is to unwind, you don’t feel bothered to find the best experience. It’s right there in front of you to grab. And it’s nice to know you can skip any activity and simply sit by the pool with a book or journal.

5. You’re guaranteed to eat well.

In general, yogis are served with good and healthy food. Usually, dishes are such as as vegetables, organic cuisine, fresh juices, and high fiber whole foods; often homemade with no additives and no refined nor processed foods. However, as far as alcohol is concerned, a yoga retreat can also be an opportunity to get away from it.

And there were no judgments if we indulged a bit too much. Although the food was healthy, there was so many delicious offerings that it was impossible not to go back for seconds.

Coffee was on hand for those who needed it, for while it wasn’t recommended during the trip, no vacation is meant to deprive.

6. You’ll feel like at home, instead of a hotel guest.

A yoga retreat center welcomes you warmly and treats you like afamily member. You meet like-minded people there with the same goal. Everyone is friendly and helpful. You can choose to share a villa with a friend, stay in their own home, or share a room in larger houses.

During the stay, you will feel much more in deep with the life stories of other guests. This is a mirror that you can reflect on yourself and understand your inner self.

7. You can take the vacation with you when you leave.

Any worthwhile retreat will be structured to encourage you to bring the things you’ve learned into your daily life once back home. The purpose of yoga is to develop your own self-practice. You can create your own personal routine to take it anywhere.

Everyone comes to the yoga retreat with different goals, whether to distress, work on a yoga practice or deepen yoga skills, learn how to breathe or meditate, or simply to put down the smartphone for an hour or two. Moreover, you may get a lot more of yoga retreat benefits which you cannot get from a general vacation. Yet everyone will leave with a new sense of self and a great feeling of accomplishment. Not bad for a vacation souvenir!

Is yoga retreat is your next vacation?

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  1. My sister wants to practice yoga while she’s on vacation. Thanks for saying that absolute beginners like her can go to a yoga retreat if she wants to relax. I think that I’ll help her find a good retreat so that she can get started.

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