A Guide To Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Cambodia

Cambodia has become a wellness destination in recent years. The country is well-known for its ancient temples—especially world heritage Angkor Wat—predominantly Buddhism, natural beauty, beautiful beaches, and islands.

Over the year, travelers come to Cambodia not only for the sake of vacation but also for life’s purposes. They seek to escape from daily stress and to heal their pasts. That includes yoga, meditation, retreats, and spiritual practice, which they can feel more rejuvenated and invigorated physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Here is a complete guide of yoga and meditation retreats and spiritual practice in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It can help you find great experience and solace in the journey.

Siem Reap

Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center

Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center at Hariharalaya. Photo Credit: Hariharalaya

Located in an ancient city and capital of the Khmer empire in Siem Reap’s countryside, Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center provides a fixed 6-day retreat program including health, mindfulness practice, Dharma talks, community activities, and free time—you can relax by the lounge pool, lay in a hammock and read a book, play games, or explore the village, pagodas and a majestic ancient Bakong temple.

Hariharalaya Bakong Temple. Photo credit: Hariharalaya

Moreover, here is a chance to disconnect from your mobiles and social media through digital detox and silent mornings. This creates a space that allows you to focus more deeply on life and live in the present moment.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/w1feTEjT2TwvVKGf9

Website: https://www.hariharalaya.com/

Himalayan Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Center

Photo Credit: Himalayan Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Center

Under Himalayan International Yoga School, Himalayan Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Center conducts holistic yoga retreats in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat following by various certified teachers including yoga teachers, Ayurved teachers, and Spiritual Master Healer.

Here, you will experience transformation happening in your system and reduce your physical and mental stress, and your health problems through yoga exercise, yoga therapy, and meditation practice. In the meantime, you learn the philosophy of yoga, the concept of yoga therapy, and mindfulness and meditation during daily practices.

Last but not least, Yoga retreats also include detox programs that improve your health by the process of removing toxins from your body and healthy food.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/jB14kn6XzTKmzVRY8

Website: http://himalayanecoyoga.co.in/index.html

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

Yoga retreat Siem Reap
Photo credit: Navutu Dreams Resort

Recognized as a well-known wellness retreat in Siem Reap, Navutu Dreams Resort offers many options for yoga and wellness programs even if you only have a day to explore the experience.

However, 4, 5 or 7-day luxurious yoga & wellness programs are recommended as you can allow yourself to fully release your stresses and recharge.

Each retreat combines daily yoga practice, meditations, health consultations, healthy food, spa therapies, healing treatments such as Reiki, Pranayama, and acupuncture—available upon request—to help reach the perfect balance for body and mind. Most interestingly, it has also introduced a spiritual practice, Pradakshina—a forest meditation experience—in nature of sacred Angkor Wat temple.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/BRV74MrxRwEK269N7

Website: https://navutudreams.com

Wayist Spiritual Energy Healing Centers

Meditation Retreat in Siem Reap
Meditation Retreat at Wayist Spiritual Energy Center. Photo credit: Wayist Spiritual Energy Center

In case you look for a way much more for a spiritual experience to improve soul, mind, and body so that you can be happy, healthy, and complete with your life, Wayist Spiritual Energy Healing Centers provides a 6-day retreat that you completely learn meditation—Karman (active) Meditation and Heart Sutra guided mantra meditation. Six different chakra are in place to practice in a different single day. Thus, you’ll discover your spiritual path and become aware of your wholeness as an integrated human person.

Additionally, body detox treatments, body oil massage, health counseling, therapies, and workshops on Yoga Philosophy, YinYang Energy, meditation styles and techniques across several spiritual traditions are incorporated.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/94J2jbaB2XdaYQex6

Website: https://wayist.com/

Kampong Cham

Hanchey Bamboo Resort

Meditation Retreat at Hanchey Bamboo Resort.
Meditation Retreat at Hanchey Bamboo Resort. Photo credit: Hanchey Bamboo Resort.

Initiated by Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA), Hanchey Bamboo Resort is the first-ever yoga and meditation center, located in a serene countryside 20 kilometers from the city of Kampong Cham, aiming to offer a unique opportunity to experience among Cambodia’s most authentic meditation—Buddhist meditation—and yoga retreats.

Surrounded by a stunning view over the Mekong River, guests can have a space to unwind and revitalize from daily life. Guests can have yoga classes with internationally trained and qualified yoga instructors and learn Buddhist meditation techniques that help improve your mental health and self-awareness towards integral well-being.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/26Txb49ZBAoyebUk9

Website: https://www.bambooresort.org

Phnom Penh

Wat Langka Meditation

Meditation session at Wat Langka in Phnom Penh. Photo credit: Mad Monkey Hostels

Wat Langka is a famous historic Buddhist pagoda in Phnom Penh that attracts many tourists to visit its golden Buddha, historical writings and scriptures. It is a place where meditation enthusiasts gather and practice Buddhist meditation to de-stress and find inner peace guided by Buddhist monks at the pagoda.

Meditation sessions are free of charge in a spacious room full of cushions from Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 6:00 pm till 7:00 pm, and Sunday from 8:30 am till 9:30 am.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/AekGqnKFZg2hbWAp7

Nataraj Yoga Studio

Photo credit: Krama Yoga Cambodia Ngo

Founded by Krama Yoga NGO as a sustainable source to ensure the sustainability of the NGO that supports vulnerable children and adolescents offering yoga and life skills, Nataraj Yoga Studio offers daily classes with different yoga styles for beginners and experienced ones; you can try various classes to find your suitable ones. In addition to yoga exercises, meditation and yoga therapy are available followings by certified yoga teachers and healthcare experts.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/61R2QHTgJ9J3CnRt7

Website: http://www.yogacambodia.com/nataraj-yoga-studio/about-nataraj/


Yoga Barn

Photo credit: Yoga Barn, Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center.

Beautifully set in the heart of rural Kampot, Yoga Barn provides a flexible retreat schedule throughout the year. It’s simply 7 days every week for every week of the year. You just inform your intended length of stay and then the center will arrange to meet with your needs.

At the center on a retreat, various practices from yoga exercises to mindfulness meditation are introduced. Additionally, healing techniques such as Ayurveda, sounding healing using bowls, reiki, and chakra cleansing are also included. Free time is available after the retreat schedule so that you can relax or explore the beauty of Kampot.

​Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/FMPYwxCmttpF6Pn77

Website: https://www.yogabarnkampot.com/


Vagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Vagabond Temple. Photo credit: Vagabond Temple.

Situated on Cambodia’s southern coast about 152 km from Phnom Penh, Vagabond Temple is a quiet and perfect place for those who seek for a great retreat.

At Vagabond Temple, you can either participate in a weekly or monthly program (up to 2 months), yet it can be tailored to specific individual needs.

Regardless of whether a short-term or long-term stay, you have yoga and meditation classes, dharma talks, healthy vegan meals, spiritual practice and the assistance of experts.

However, an advanced retreat for long-term stay adds healing sessions, reiki courses, and detox programs like Ayurveda.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/1mANKmA83YZMXf9E7

Website: https://www.vagabondtemple.com

The Vine Retreat

Photo credit: The Vine Retreat

Located on 35 acres of serene green farmland with tropical gardens, an organic pepper farm, and large fruit and vegetable plantations overlooking a magnificent natural landscape, the Vine Retreat is the perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate.

The center offers accommodation, a swimming pool, a well-equipped yoga studio, a meditation circle, massage, and other holistic health services.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yXRuBxoPoNbC3nUu8

Website: http://cambodiaretreats.com

Traveling to the Kingdom of Cambodia for a health and wellness retreat is a great choice you ever make as Cambodia is rich with sacred ancient temples, untouched nature, Buddhist religion, and beautiful beaches.

Through a complete list above, you can choose a yoga and meditation retreat center that fits your needs from the sacred territory of Angkor Wat to coastal areas, where you will find peace of mind, spiritual energy, rejuvenation, and self-concentration.

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