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Why Retreat?

A retreat is a transformative experience that gives us time to pull back, restore, strengthen, heal, refocus and reconnect. Going on a retreat is about escaping the strains of everyday life and taking the time to focus on yourself, your desires and what makes you truly happy. It is part of your self-care, letting go and opening up to new possibilities.

Generally, it is easy for us to become busy and experience haziness in the direction of our life or disconnect to life. Retreats allow us to create the space in which we can reconnect and refocus on what is most important. Most importantly, from resting our body and mind, we remember what is most essential and what is most life affirming. This gives us an advantage to re-enter life on a higher platform while advancing the direction of our lives most optimally. With our energy restored, we re-discover life’s meaning and intention clearly and expansively.

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